Session Details

Thanks for picking Photos by GI for your photography needs. As your photographer, I try to make your session showcase the true you. As we plan your session I am sure that you will have many questions about what to expect and what you can do to prepare for your session.

When Can We Shoot?

Generally we can shoot just about whenever works best for you. First, realize that as much as I would love it, photography is not my full time job (I am still an active duty Soldier in the US Army). That being said though, I do have a relatively flexible schedule that allows me to shift my hours around as needed. With some planning, I can usually work around your schedule. From a photo standpoint, please realize that when you shoot outdoors, the time of day plays an important part in how your photo looks. For the best results, I encourage you to plan your session early in the morning or late in the afternoon (sunrise or sunset is a great time). Mid-afternoon is probably the worst time for us to meet. Either way with some planning we can make your photos turn out great regardless of what time of day it is.

Where Are We Going to Shoot?

Angela and TomJust about anywhere you would like. The best place for us to shoot is a place where you feel comfortable. What are some of your favorite places to go? Truth of the matter is we can make nearly any location work that you would like (there are some exceptions for various reasons). If you are having a hard time thinking of a place, just let me know…I know a ton of great places all around Colorado Springs and Denver.

What should I wear?

That really depends on what type of photo session we’re doing. For couples I would suggest you wear something relaxed and fun. Let’s show your friends and family the true connection between the two of you. For seniors I like a variety of styles. Bring some casual relaxed clothes along with your favorite dress. If you’re looking for some fashion or glamour shots break out the heels and sexiest dress and lets rock it. No matter what type of photo session we’re doing, bring a few different changes of clothes and we’ll work together to find what will look best.

So What Will Happen When We Meet?

Get ready for a different type of photo session. This is not your normal family portraits from Sears. Rarely will you hear me tell you to “hug each other and smile”. I find that when I take a step back into the background and let you be you, we’ll get much better photos.

What Will Happen After Our Session?

Shortly after we are done shooting, I will post your images to a private photo gallery for you and your family to look at. Your gallery will be up and available for you to look at for 7 days. During that time, take a look through and pick your favorite images that you would like to order. Once you place your order, I will get to work on perfecting your images. Each image will be retouched to a finished product. This retouching will take care of minor blemishes, smoothing your skin and other things like that. No I won’t make you 10 lbs. lighter (sorry ladies). More advanced retouching services are available (ask for more information). Once you’re images are edited I will send them to my lab to be printed. Each image is printed on professional paper using quality ink to give you the best photograph possible. When you pick up your photographs, you will also receive a complimentary CD that includes a web resolution copy of each image you order for use on Facebook and other websites.

Can I Get a Copy of the Digital Images?

Sure. You are able to buy a copy of the digital file for each and every image (see my pricing list for details). You will receive each of these images on CD along with a photo release giving you permission for non-commercial use. This allows you to email these photos to friends and family, put them on your website, or even take them to a photo lab to be printed. If you would like to print your images, just ask and I will be happy to put you in touch with some top-quality labs (there is a major difference in the quality of photograph you get from Wal-Mart compared to a professional lab).

What Can I Do With My Digital Files?

As I said,, you will get web resolution copy of any image you order. You are welcome to put these on your Facebook, personal website or other similar sites. If you purchase a high resolution digital file you will be able to post it on these same websites. You will also be able to print them for personal use. Please realize that just because you own a copy of the digital file does not mean you own the copyright. You will not be able to use these images for commercial use (i.e. professional publications, ad campaigns, etc.). Also you are not allowed to edit the final images.

Great, So What’s Next?

Give me a call (254-423-1181) or email me ( and lets book your session!

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