What To Do With 48 Doughtnuts and a Naked Chick

Have you ever seen a shot that you really wanted to do but thought that there was no way you would find a model willing to do it? That’s what this shot is. I’ve had this shot in my folder of inspiration (just a folder I have online with a TON of ideas that I like and want to try) for a very long time but figured it would never actually happen. When Samantha and I were getting ready for our second shoot together, she was going through my folder looking for ideas and said she wanted to try this one. I was stoked. When it came time to shoot this, Liz and Brittany went to town spreading doughnuts all over Samantha and the floor (and they all managed to eat a few too). When we started shooting, I honestly had no idea how well this was going to work but after taking a few and looking at them in the camera I was super happy.

Model: Samantha (MM#1444575)

Strobist: AB800 with a large softbox camera right fired via YN-602

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