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ShopTalk Group Shoot with Audie

Auddie Final Shots

Auddie was the third model that I had the chance to work with on the Shop Talk photo shoot. She was the only professional model in the group which was a little intimidating, but she was also really easy to work with. I have had her pictures done for a little while now, just haven’t had a chance to post them because of the holidays and other stuff going on.

Liz Shop Talk Group Shoot

Liz’s Photos from Shop Talk Shoot

Here are the latest and greatest from our Shop Talk photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. Liz was one of the three models that we had out there that day I was really happy with a lot of the shots that I was able to get (doesn’t hurt that she’s also my wife too).

Shop Talk Group Shot

Shop Talk Group Shot

So today Kim setup a group shot for members of our facebook group “Shop Talk”. I was one of 6 photographers who went out there for the day. We had three models, including Liz who has modeled for Kim before.