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Jordan Covered in Ribbon

Bringing in the New Year with Jordan

I have no idea how this shoot never got posted before (sorry Jordan). This was actually shot a few years ago when I was living in Colorado Springs. The idea was based on an image I used to have in my inspiration folder that I liked a lot. Jordan came over to the studio and we spent the better part of an hour covering her up in ribbon.

Cynthia in Vegas

Glamour with Cynthia

Cynthia happened to be in Vegas for a weekend with some of her girlfriends so I jumped in the car and headed east (not like you really have to force me to take a trip to Vegas anyway). I met her at her hotel and we shot in there for a while. After that, we headed out into the desert and did some swim suites out on a dry lake bed.

Nadine's Tattoos

Showing of Nadine’s Tattoos

Nadine has got some great tattoos. She approached me one day because the owner of the bar that she used to work at in Germany wanted a picture of one of her tats (apparently she got the name of the bar on her hip). Who was I to say no? So we turned it into an entire shoot.

Boudoir with Jacqueline

Boudoir with Jacqueline

What do you get for your husband on your one year wedding anniversary? Jacqueline decided to do a boudoir shoot and I think it was a great idea. Jacqueline actually came over to the studio a few weeks back with her girlfriend who was shooting with a friend of mine. While she was here we starting chatting and decided to do a shoot of her own. For a first time model and recent mom, I totally think she rocked it.

Fitness with Chaning

Fitness with Chaning

Chaning is a fellow photographer here on post who is also a bit of a Crossfit fanatic. She came over one night a while back to do some fitness shots.

Models in the Box

Photoshoot in the Box

Another set from the archives that never managed to get posted. Not long after James and I both got here we decided to start a photography group on Fort Irwin like what we had at Fort Riley. Our first group photoshoot was one we put together in one of our “Iraqi” villages that we have out here in the training area.