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Day of the Dead

I figured this week would be a great time to bring this post from the past to life. A long time ago (well maybe a year or so ago) Nadine came to me and said she wanted to do a Day of the Dead shoot. This was the first time that I used a green screen that I had received as a gift and it actually worked out pretty damn good.

Sky Over Goldstone

Time Lapse Videos

Over the last two rotations I have been working an overnight shift. Since it’s when the majority of the guys in the unit are passed out sleeping, I have a fair bit of time to kill up at my truck. I decided to start taking some time lapse astro shots.

Amanda Maturnity

Maternity Photos with Amanda

Amanda just had her third kid (a little boy) a couple of weeks ago. Prior to that she came over so that we could do some maternity shots. Now it may come as a surprise to you (not likely) but maternity is not something that I normally shoot (actually only shot it one other time before). The shots came out pretty damn good and who knows, I just might shoot another maternity shot sometime in the future.

Desert Nudes with Pearl

Desert Nudes with Pearl – NSFW

Another shoot from the archives. Pearl and I met up one morning a while back to do some nudes in the desert. The original plan was to go out into the box to shoot but we ran into some problems. Instead we went down to the dry lake bed just off base and also another spot near by.