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Trash the Dress with Liz

Trash the Dress Irwin Style

Over the years the whole Trash the Dress thing has become pretty popular for new brides. Me and Liz have been married for almost 10 years now and she still has her wedding dress. We’ve been talking about doing something with it for a while and finally decided we have a wide open desert with fake Iraqi towns in it, we might as well put it to work.

Lingerie with Lola

Flashback Friday with Lola

Seeing as how it’s Flashback Friday I figured I would post an older shoot that I took a while back and never actually had the chance to post on here. This is Lola, a blackjack dealer in Vegas who also decided to stand in front of the camera for me during one of my weekend trips there. We shot in a hotel room overlooking the strip.


Portraits with Priscilla

This is an oldie that I never got a chance to post way back when. Not long after I moved to CA I started trying to find people to shoot with. Priscilla came out to shoot with me and my friend James. There was really no theme behind the shoot other than to just shoot. We found an open piece of desert not far off I15 right outside of Victorville.