Boudoir with Brianna

Boudoir with Brianna

A week or two ago myself and James decided to go and take an overnight trip to Vegas. My original plan had been to schedule a few shoots then drink a bit and gamble the night away however a few shoots turned into one shoot but it was worth it. Brianna is a college student originally from Las Vegas but going to school in Oklahoma. She is in town for the summer and came over to shoot some boudoir stuff. The great thing about Brianna is the fact that she is brand new to modeling. I want to say that she said I was only her 6th shoot ever. Let me tell you, I would love to see her work once she gets a little more experiance because she nailed it. Absolutely look forward to working with her again.

Model: Brianna (MM#3422583)

Strobist: AB800 with large softbox fired via YN-602

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