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Balboa Park at Night

Balboa Park Night Landscapes

I was in San Diego for the weekend and decided to spend a night wandering around Balboa Park. Balboa Park is such a cool location. It is full of museums, gardens, and all kinds of things to see. It’s beautiful during the day and down right amazing at night.

Boudoir with Morgan

Boudoir with Morgan

Morgan is a new mom who came over to prove to the world (and I think herself) that she still looks great. Some women are a little timid when you first start something so personal as a boudoir shoot but Morgan jumped into it head on.

Boudoir with Kimberly

Boudoir With Kimberly

Kimberly is another one of my “normal” women that I have been working on shooting with and expand my photography. Kimberly is a full figure woman who loves all of her curves which was obvious the moment she walked into the door. I have to say, she came in ready to shoot and rocked it from the very start.

Boudoir with Emily

Boudoir Group Shoot….Take 2 (NSFW)

So about a year ago the Fort Irwin Photograph Group hosted a group boudoir shoot. Well fast forward a year later and someone brought the idea up again so I figured sure….why not? This time, we tried using my house as a location instead of the community center we used last time.

Boudoir with Brianna

Boudoir with Brianna

Brianna is a local model from Las Vegas but currently attending school in Oklahoma. She is around for the summer and agreed to do a boudoir shoot with me while I was in town for the night for a guys night.