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Amanda is a Flower Child

Flower Child

This idea was sitting in my inspiration folder for a pretty long time before Amanda approached me about shooting it. While this isn’t exactly what we had in mind originally, I actually think that this came out even better than what I had originally saw in my head.

Boudoir Group Shoot

The Fort Irwin Photo Group decided to try out a boudoir shoot. There were so many things that could have gone wrong with this shoot that it isn’t even funny however it all came out surprisingly well.

Boudoir with Adrianna

Boudoir Photo Shoot with Adrianna

A few months ago Adrianna answered one of my casting calls wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot for her husband for their anniversary. Adrianna is a former Soldier and new mother which made this even more important to her. For someone who has never stood in front of the camera before, I think she did pretty damn good.