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Pinup Shoot with Kassi

Meet Kassi. I first started talking to Kassi several months ago when she was living in Georgia. She eventually moved out to Colorado Springs and we started to try and setup a shoot. I had been wanting to try some pinup stuff for a long time and when she suggested it, I jumped at the idea.

Three More Cliches

So last weekend I got the chance to shoot with Cynthia again. I had a great time working with her the first time (you can see it here) and had been keeping an eye out for another idea to toss her way. A month or so ago I had scheduled my next round of cliché shots with another model who unfortunately ended up flaking out. I decided to give Cynthia a call and see if she was interested, and fortunately she loved the ideas.

Angela and Tom

Angela and tom are the second set of actual couples that I have had the chance to shoot so far. After having to put it off for most of the summer because of their schedule and mine, we were finally able to setup a time to shoot. Angela wanted something out and open. I suggested a place that I had used once before (checkout my shoot with Cynthia).