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Full Moon Landscapes at Garden of the Gods

Well a few nights ago was the full moon for the month. For those of you who don’t know, I love shooting nighttime landscapes. The biggest problem is actually getting out there and doing it. Work, family, and weather often play a huge factor in if I am able to go out or not (clouds are a real good way to completely screw up the night). Well Thursday night couldn’t have been better. Lynn, another photographer in the area asked if I wanted to join him at Garden of the Gods, and I said sure.

Dani and Evan Couples Portraits

Dani and Evan answered my ad on Craigslist looking for couples to help me build up my portfolio. We decided to use Fox Run Park (the same place where Jossett and I shot her senior portraits). When the day of our shoot finally arrived, I was driving to the park, and kept looking out the car window to see nothing but heavy clouds rolling in over the mountains.

Colorado Springs Balloon Classic

So each year during labor day weekend, hot air balloonists from across the country gather in Colorado Springs for the annual Colorado Springs Balloon Classic. The event is huge, drawing in tens of thousands of people from the local area and across the country. This year, it was voted as one of the top 100 “special events” by the American Bus Association (no idea who they are but it still sounds cool).

Jossett Senior Portraits

This is Jossett, a high school senior here in Colorado Springs and another of my class of 2011 senior models. We shot on the north end of town at Fox Run Park. I had never heard of it before, but I’m really glad that Jossett told me about it. The location is great.

Elizabeth Senior Portraits

Please meet Elizabeth, my very first class of 2011 Senior model. Elizabeth is a senior here in Colorado Springs. We met one afternoon downtown near the Uncle Wilber Fountain on Tejon.