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Finally got a chance to finish working on my shots of Emily and got them posted. I am really happy with how they came out.


Finally got a chance to get started on editing Tye’s photos that I took on Sunday. Tye has been modeling for about a year now and just moved into the Fort Riley area about a month ago.

A night out shooting

So as you may know, I am a member of a group of local photographers on facebook. The other day one of the other guys, Luke Townsend posted a message asking for someone to help him out with a night shoot. I love Luke’s flash work and since I am mildly retarded (ok fully retarded) when it comes to working with flash I jumped at the chance.

Son of a B*tch

So as I posted earlier, I decided to brave the cold today (we got up to 10 degrees by the way) and go shooting out in the country. I was at my 2nd to last location and parked the car on the side of the road to walk up to the location (A bridge over a frozen river). I was walking up and hit a patch of ice. I went falling backwards, I tried to tuck the camera into my body, but apparently it didn’t work. It hit the ground.

Going out shooting

Going out shooting

Well it is currently about -5 degrees F outside right now with the windchill, and only supposed to get up to 15 today with the posability of a little snow. Sounds like the perfect day to go do a little shooting. Locations I plan on hitting up include a more or less ghost town, and old cemetary and a frozen over water spot in the county next door. Should be fun.